Monday, September 09, 2013

Troubleshooting Lync 2013 - Teched Session

Lync Server 2013 is a stable product in terms of Architecture and High availability, but issues are common across all Environments and we cannot expect the service to be up and running without issues at all times, but we should be smart enough to proactively monitor for issues and fix it before it affects major crowd and also there are scenarios where issues could occur suddenly and we need to be in a ready state at all times to identify it with adequate knowledge and utilize the help of required tools and analyze it accurately and resolve the same at the earliest and document it for future reference.

Lync Server Administrators are already aware on few troubleshooting Mechanisms like Enabling Client side and Server side logging , Analyzing the logs with Snooper and Monitoring the event logs for errors, checking the Performance Dashboard etc., with Lync Server 2013 the troubleshooting mechanisms are quite improvised and provides us an enhanced troubleshooting experience in terms of all aspects of issues from IM presence to advanced Federation and Enterprise Voice issues.

To learn more on the topic review the below mentioned Teched session  "How to Fix Lync 2013 When it Breaks"  from Teched Australia 2013. I got a lot of new troubleshooting information from this video with real time demo and examples which will really benefit the Admins to manage the Lync 2013 Environment more effectively and to resolve the issues efficiently.

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