Friday, August 16, 2013

Troubleshooting Tools you should know...

This post is about some common trouble shooting Tools and their uses you should be aware of when issues occur in the environment and to know how to use these tools to get the information required for investigation and to resolve the issue.

I have listed out 5 Basic tools that we should be aware of and there are many outside but these are used commonly in day to day management to identify and resolve potential issues.

2.Exchange Remote connectivity Analyzer


This is a primary troubleshooting tool for fixing user mailbox issues like removal of invalid calendar items, troubleshooting outlook free busy issues, recovering deleted emails when emails no longer available in dumpster and much more.

Download link :

Exchange Remote connectivity Analyzer

Online tool from Microsoft to trouble shoot mail flow, free busy, Autodiscover and other potential issues in Exchange,Lync and O365


You can use this Tool to track the user mailbox activity and evaluate the performance and troubleshoot issues

Download link :


You can use this tool to collect logs and troubleshoot issues with O365

More information and Download link :


Snooper tool comes along with the OCS/Lync Server Resource kit / Debugging Tools which typically helps us in interpreting the client and server logs to understand where the issue is and fix it accordingly.

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