Sunday, August 11, 2013

Know Your MVPs

Its good to Know about our Exchange Lync and Office 365 MVPs and few other key people from MSFT along with their blogs which are the rich sources of knowledge updated every day and in turn makes us up-to date in the Technology.

I have listed out Top 10 blogs that I read which gives out maximum information and there are many other great blogs available and these are few among them.

Scott Schnoll

Is this Thing on?

Ross Smith IV

Tony Redmond

Thoughts of an Idle Mind

Paul Cunningham

Exchange server pro

Rui Maximo


J. Peter Bruzzese

Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman's Exchange Blog

johan veldhuis

Matt Landis

Michel de Rooij

You can find the Rest of the MVPs using the below website


Below are two great posts from our renowned MVPs showing the detailed list of Exchange and Lync MVPs around the world with a detailed statistics and visual appealFor complete list of MVPs review the above referenced MVP website Lync and filter it accordingly with the Technology.

Exchange MVPs around the World - Michael de Rooij

Lync MVPs Around the World  - Fabrizio Volpe

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