Friday, August 23, 2013

Offline Defrag And DAG Databases

When it comes to Exchange server database maintenance its quite tough for the Admins to make the database quite fresh all the time and they are prone to get affected at times or there needs to be maintenance performed over them and sometimes it even fails due to unexpected events and manual intervention is required to bring them back healthy.

Every Admin knows the concept of Offline defragmentation which we perform to regain white space on the database to accommodate more mailboxes and increase the performance , this is easy on a single mailbox database with downtime, and with Exchange server 2010/2013 we have DAG and gives us option to mount the passive copy and take the primary offline and perform an offline defragmentation ( this is not good at it requires reseed and longer downtime) or simply create a new database and move the mailboxes, delete and re-create the database and move them back.

Today I reviewed the wonderful Technet blog post from Exchange MVP Rhoderick Milne which is on this Offline defragmentation Topic over DAG Databases which clearly explains the background process occurs with Eseutil commands we execute to perform this task, and why this is not recommended to be performed on DAG Database, what issue it will cause and further more in detail.

Read this to know more :

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