Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exchange 2010 Datacenter Switchover

Exchange Server 2010 supports Datacenter Swithover functionality which easily assists the Admins to restore the service to the end users during an outage. And every organization based on their criticality will host a secondary Datacenter which will be highly available when Primary Datacenter goes down to restore service as early as possible.

Scott Schnoll has written this wonder technet article which assist us in the understanding the steps involved in performing a successful Datacenter Switchover .

This is the primary resource for this activity.

Apart from this Microsoft has provided us a Tool which is called Exchange 2010 Datacenter Switchover Troubleshooter which assists in performing the activity with guided steps in  power point slides and answers us based on the options we select per requirement.

Download :

Also now Microsoft Team provided us with the Exchange Server 2010 DAG Switchover Guided Walkthrough available online which provide us step by step instructions to perform Datacenter Swichover at ease.

GWT Link :;en;3510&showpage=1

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