Friday, August 23, 2013

Lets Learn Windows 7 & 8

Computer has become part of our lives and when we access the Computer we rely on the Operating System installed and the most successful OS of all the time for all type of users is Windows XP and soon Microsoft ends its support for XP by 2014, and we have other two popular Microsoft client OS available in the market and widely used which are Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Both of these Operating Systems provide more great features than earlier versions and end users have the capability to use them everywhere from PC to tablet and even on mobile devices and enjoy the benefits.

Though these products provides more enhanced core features its not visible as with Windows XP and we need to discover and explore them, Also some users find quite difficult to adopt this at earlier stages and to overcome all this its always good to learn them at the earliest.

Lets learn both of the flavors by today visually with the help of this E-books

Windows 7

Download Here :  Windows7 Plain&Simple

Windows 8

Download Here:  Windows8 Plain&Simple

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