Friday, August 30, 2013

Hybrid Mailbox moves and EMC changes

This is the latest blog post released in Exchange Team blog on the new changes made with mailbox moves in O365 Hybrid environment. Major organizations deployed the Hybrid model where we have the flexibility to mange both the On-premise Environment and O365 environment seamlessly.

Now O365 environment is getting upgraded by Microsoft to new Wave15 environment which comprises of 2013 servers and with this service upgrade Mailbox moves between the On-premise and  O365 Environment is changed and now its no longer possible to perform different move requests with EMC and we need to use the EAC which is the latest Admin console comes along with Exchange Server 2013 and its available via O365 Admin portal for managing Exchange Online.

Also with this change now Organizational Configuration for Exchange Online is removed from EMC and moved to EAC and managed from the O365 Admin portal.

Read the blog post here :

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