Monday, August 26, 2013

Exchange Server 2013 Step By Step

It's now time for Exchange Server 2013 and most organizations started to test the product. As an Admin we also need to know more on the product, We need to have a lab setup for the same and perform installation, configuration and testing and document the results, so that we can use that as a reference when its time for us to implement the server in production.

Found the below blogs quite useful on this topic which provides us step by step instructions with screenshots that clearly explains us how to Install , Configure and Test the Server.

Installing and Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 CU1

Review and download the doc here:

The above installation steps were performed with Windows Server 2008 and now we have Windows Server 2012 available which is the suitable Operating System for Exchange Server 2013 as its additionally adds more benefits to the product.

Review the below doc which is on step by step installation of Exchange server 2013 on Windows Server 2012

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