Monday, March 24, 2014

What's behind Office 365?

When it comes to Cloud Computing the very first thing comes to our mind is Office 365, Microsoft's largest cloud based offering which now dominates the IT Market and most Organizations have migrated to Office 365 and some are leveraging the benefits by deploying a Hybrid based solution that gave them the flexibility to manage both the environments seamlessly.

What is behind Office 365 ? was the question that remains with most of us, we all know that they are the same set of servers we use On premises with respect to Lync, Exchange and SharePoint. The High Availability and Site Resilient design along with their strong DataCenter Architecture that spans across the world and seamless integration among various product line at ease and bundled together with their service offerings makes them unique amongst their competitor products in the Cloud Market.

Microsoft always Innovate new things and with Office 365 its now more than what we could expect and you can refer my earlier blog posts under the office 365 section to know more on the present and the future road-map. In today's post I am going to reference you to the latest SharePoint Conference 2014 session on our topic in which the architecture behind Microsoft Office 365 is revealed for customers and you can take a look at how things are designed and working behind the walls of Microsoft Office 365 datacenter and the rich customer experience they provide along with much more information for IT Pros to know and stay one step a head in understanding the reality behind the product they support and how things actually work, at end of the day nothing is hidden and as always Technology is meant to be shared.
Download the presentation here: A behind the scenes look at Office 365 for IT Pros Presentation

Access the Video session here : A behind the scenes look at Office 365 for IT Pros

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