Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Microsoft New Enterprise Mobility Suite is on the way...

Today I read this new post from ZDNet from our Microsoft veteran Mary Jo Foley, where she updated about the upcoming release of Office for IPAD suite along with the new Enterprise Mobility Suite from Microsoft team for centrally managing iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices and more in a single window targeting the Large Enterprise Customers. MDM is now everywhere in today's IT world and every Organization is bound to use mobile devices for accessing Corporate data and Applications on the move along with this now BYOD is on the top of it, where Organizations now allow users to bring their own devices and access the data anywhere on any device, this puts some overhead on the current setup and management where we need to concentrate more on regulatory compliance and Information Security.

To address the above said challenges Microsoft other product vendors have developed strong MDM  and MAM solutions that can manage these devices from one central location, but not all of them met the requirement from one to another as customer requirement varies from one another.

With this new Enterprise Mobility Suite Microsoft is planning to go one step further in making it a strong MDM solution that can address most Organizations needs and we can expect an update on this by tomorrow Webcast from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, check the ZDNet post below to know more. We can see that Microsoft is reach out like ever before and innovation goes beyond imagination.

Access here:  Microsoft to unveil Enterprise Mobility Suite alongside Office for iPad

*Read this below TechNet Blog post from Microsoft Brand Anderson Corporate VP updating about the future of Enterprise Mobility.

Success with Enterprise Mobility: The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility

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