Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Exchange Hybrid Deployment with Exchange Server 2013 SP1 What's New?

Exchange Server 2013 SP1 was released recently and this a major Milestone in Microsoft Exchange Server product line wherein with this release Microsoft Exchange team has done various innovations which typically address few issues and also provides various enhancements to the customers using Exchange both On premises and Online.


I have recently written a post on the release of Exchange Server 2013 SP1 during the release date with various references around the community on this topic under a single window along with new issues and fixes which I continue to update till date. Access this post to know more "Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Released!!!"

Microsoft team made significant enhancements with this release which made them provide new features, once you review the information in the above said blog post you will know more on this. Lets get in to our Topic for the day, Everyone know that Microsoft team is insisting customers to move to their Office 365 support who are planning for adopting cloud delivery model and the most recommended method for choosing this option with Exchange is to go for Hybrid Deployment model which provides seamless experience for managing both the On Premises and Cloud and receive benefits from both ends and Microsoft team continue to innovate and bring in new features first with office 365. So, if you are one such customer you will enjoy the benefit first hand and this Hybrid deployment reaches out one step a head wherein you can decide which users to stay On premises and which users to stay in Exchange online based on your Organizations requirements and move them as needed to utilize the service with proper planning and cost which mutually benefits end user experience and Organization's finance budget.

Exchange Server 2013 SP1 benefits more when you have your On premises deployment updated to this release and configured for an Hybrid deployment model with Exchange Online, the vital ones to consider are the below which is really a great significant improvement from Microsoft team and This is a good news for Organizations who are planning to get to migrate to Exchange 2013 then this is the right time.

Hybrid Deployments with Multiple Active Directory Forests is now possible with Exchange Server 2013 SP1 and Organizations using Multiple AD Forests can now migrate to Office 365 and the below TechNet article give you a clear picture on the same with requirements and restrictions to begin.

Check here: Hybrid Deployments with Multiple Active Directory Forests

We can now Configure OAuth Authentication Between Exchange and Exchange Online Organizations which replaces the need of Exchange federation trust configuration process.

Check here for more information:  Configure OAuth Authentication Between Exchange and Exchange Online Organizations

Additionally, Check out the below post from on configuring OAuth for E-Discovery in an Exchange Hybrid Deployment.

Using OAuth Authentication eDiscovery in an Exchange Hybrid and for Partner Applications written by our MVP Henrik Walther

We can expect more in the upcoming days as things are not the same as it was before with Microsoft Product line.

One more Key factor to note, Microsoft team has officially made announcement that we can expect a new version of Exchange Server only by Next year along with other Product line.

Check out the below Redmond Magazine post to know more.

Next Exchange and SharePoint Server Products Arriving in 2015

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