Monday, March 31, 2014

New Features for Office 365 this week!!!

As everyone know now the entire Microsoft Exchange Community is available in MEC 2014 and this time Microsoft made it large as ever before by including sessions from various Experts around the world covering both ends of the Technology and more discussions on the product line taking it one step further in the IT world, with this being said today Microsoft team updated their Office blog with a new post covering the latest innovations for this week from the team for Office 365.

Microsoft now majorly concentrates on providing rich user and administration experience, and bringing up a unified platform where  users can get access to what they need from any of the application they use seamlessly and also key innovations towards the social networking making it a robust product with the future Technology.

This latest post covers some key features listed below adding more value to the product and these will be rolled out soon to customers and we can expect much more in mere future.

Clutter, New Outlook Web App feature for managing large volume of emails in the box by recognizing which email is needed and which is not, using the user input intelligently and cleanup the mailbox at ease with Office 365.

Enhanced document collaboration, where user can now attach files from One drive for Business either in the form of attachment link or as a direct attachment from One drive  and provide permissions for the documents and also now group editing is possible on the document saved to One drive and shared to users  from anywhere from anyone who have access and we can easily differentiate the one with the help of versioning and also you can do real-time co-authoring on a file with Outlook Web App without having multiple copies created.

Groups, a new innovation from Microsoft with the help of Yammer where you can have groups created anywhere in office 365 and manage the groups and the same can be available in  Yammer, Exchange and SharePoint with the help of integrating group membership across these products delivering a unified experience for users from any application they use.

OWA for Android phones, Now mobile devices is everywhere and to have a seamless experience for users to access OWA on their Android mobile devices released the new app today, Microsoft made the app already available for other mobile platforms and this innovation covers that you can now access your email anywhere in any smartphone device which revolves around the market.

Read the complete blog post here: The evolution of email

Official Announcement here : Embracing cloud-first, mobile-first communications

More about these features will be show cast by Microsoft team in MEC 2014 and we can expect more details on these once the sessions are completed from Microsoft and also from community members in the upcoming days, stay tuned...

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*One more new innovation from Microsoft team was getting released today named ENVI an Intelligent E-mail companion, check out more on this in the below EHLO blog post

Bringing predictive email to the workplace

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