Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Certificate Planning in Exchange 2013

Just before few minutes Microsoft team published the new EHLO Blog post which is continuation in series of articles published for Exchange Server 2013 namely Load balancing, Namespace planning , Client Connectivity and now its on Certificate Planning. Ross written this post using various scenarios which will cover the requirements for SSL cert names that needs be there based on the Organization's Infrastructure design and how they can utilize the new features with Exchange Server 2013 and also address how you need to carefully choose the right cert names if you have a Co-existence environment and also expand across different sites and adopt High availability and Site resilience.

Certificates play a vital role with any Exchange deployment and every admin should be aware about the various certificates available for usage and how they vary from one another and which one to choose for the correct requirement etc. and to begin read the TechNet blog post referenced below explaining on the topic descriptively.

Check here: Digital Certificates and SSL

If you read the earlier blog posts in the series you will clearly have more idea on how Exchange Server 2013 supports new deployment features and also simplifies most of the requirements in terms of both cost and architectural simplification without compromising High Availability and End user experience.

You can additionally refer the blog posts where I referenced to my own blog posts under Exchange Server section pointing to the Original posts when they released with additional contents to read to make you gain some more information on the topics which puts you one step further to know things more clear with the past an the present.

Check the blog post here: Certificate Planning in Exchange 2013

Refer my earlier blog post to know the importance of SSL Certificates from Symantec which is an add-on read to know more.

Check here : SSL Certificates Live Infographic Poster from Symantec

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