Monday, March 24, 2014

Analyzing Office 365 Mailbox Migration Performance

Today Microsoft team released the new script named AnalyzeMoveRequestStats.ps1 for analyzing the mailbox migration performance with Office 365. When it comes to Hybrid deployment moving the mailbox to and fro from On premise to cloud is a regular task and when you migrate your On premises environment to Office 365 the initial painful thing is the mailbox migration which will take ages if you don' t have the right configuration as guideline by Microsoft.

Moving mailboxes is now become a bit easy with Exchange Server 2013 where you can move a set of mailboxes as batches and manage the migration at ease and generate reports on the migration once completed. With this being said, this new Script from Microsoft is a add-on that will provide clear analysis report on the Mailbox migration status with the current environment over which Administrators can take appropriate action on getting things fixed at the right time to make the migration a smooth journey.

The latest EHLO blog post published for this script clearly explains how to read the details from the report along with the major gotchas to watch for when we plan for migration and much more in a nutshell

Access this post to download the script and know more : Mailbox Migration Performance Analysis

Also review the Exchange Online Migration Performance and Best Practices TechNet article to know more on the factors that will affect the migration in detail

Exchange Online Migration Performance and Best Practices

Along with this Blog post and TechNet review the below TechTarget post from our renowned MVP Steve Goodman on troubleshooting slow mailbox moves with Office 365, out there for a while which I read long back and sharing the same here for your additional knowledge.

Check here: Simple ways to troubleshoot slow mailbox moves to Office 365

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