Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Hybrid Deployment Help File!

Recently I was reading few articles on deploying and managing  Exchange 2013 Hybrid Environment and as I already manage a Hybrid Exchange 2010 Environment  sooner or later we would need to upgrade to the new version both On premises and Cloud as everyone on the future Road-Map, so while reading I started to  review most of the information available in TechNet and various other great resources available from the community. While collecting the resources I came across this beautiful Help file on Exchange Server 2013 Hybrid deployment on a Russian Exchange forum, This help file is a collective Information of articles available for Hybrid deployment in the TechNet along with few vital notes from the author which really makes it a good read and must have document when you start reading about Exchange 2013 based Hybrid deployment.

I am sharing this Help file for your knowledge and you can start reading this from today because it contains collection of required information under a single window and available for offline viewing in PDF format. I will be soon starting to write some vital posts on Exchange Hybrid deployments which will give you required knowledge to deploy and manage the Hybrid Exchange Environment.

Below is the download link for the file obtained from http://www.exchangeFAQ.ru and documented by Pavel Nagaev . 

Note: Since this Help file is a cumulative collection of information obtained from TechNet I would request you to review the TechNet articles for Exchange 2013 Hybrid deployment post reading this help file to get new updates as the article keeps updated with the new enhancements and changes made in the product which is a known fact.

Access TechNet here : Exchange Server 2013 Hybrid Deployments

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