Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Microsoft System Center: Network Virtualization and Cloud Computing E-Book

When it comes to Virtualization now the hot topic is not about virtualizing servers now its about Virtualizing networks which we term as Network Virtualization and in today's IT world Cloud Computing is everywhere when you move to Cloud whether its a Hybrid or a private or even a Public cloud Networking plays a major role and today we can see the word SDN (Software-Defined Networking) often because its a software driven world now and we don't much rely only on the hardware devices which were used for network communications as before and we have much simplified environment design made with the help of these new Technologies and you can refer my Virtualization and Cloud Computing section on the blog to know more on these topics.

Today I am sharing this new Free E-book published yesterday by Microsoft press on Microsoft Sytem Center which is a must one for us to read and inhere they provide you some in depth view on how the new Hyper-V Network Virtualization works and assisting their SDN strategy.

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