Sunday, March 09, 2014

Exchange Server Namespace Planning

I am writing this a post a bit late today after an excellent blog post on Exchange Server 2013 Namespace planning published recently in EHLO blog by our Ross Smith MSFT and inhere he clearly explains the Namespace requirements needed with Earlier version of Exchange server products like Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 in comparison with Exchange 2013 which simplifies most of the requirement and you will end up with having few name spaces and also have the ability to have single namespace through out the Exchange Organization for High availability and Site Resilience.

When it comes to Exchange Deployment the most important key area is the Namespace planning, without proper planning in this part we end up with more issues in the environment over end user experience and buy certificate with SAN entries which may not be required, there was few misconceptions like we need to add all the CAS and HT servers FQDN in Cert, CASArray Name in cert etc. which are really not required and addressed by Microsoft and other MVPs at various instances in various relevant blog posts. Proper Namespace planning reduces overload on Administrators when they expand the environment and upgrade the same in the upcoming years.

There is a most important article I came across earlier that was published before few years on Exchange 2010 Namespace planning, which covers wide range of information on the topic touches various key areas and would like to take this opportunity to share with you inhere along with the actual EHLO blog post to make you understand the importance of Namespace planning and provide you adequate knowledge on the subject which will be useful for your present and future engagements.

The article which I refer is the one obtained from WindowITPro referred below and it was quite useful for me during my earlier engagements and provided adequate knowledge on the same.

Check here : Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices: Namespace Planning

Finally, refer the latest EHLO Blog post covering some key areas of earlier version of Exchange Server Namespace planning and detailed information on the Exchange Server 2013 Namespace requirement with visual appeal.

Check here: Namespace Planning in Exchange 2013

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