Friday, March 28, 2014

SharePoint Online Management Shell

When it comes to Office 365 most of the Organizations utilize the benefit of Exchange Online, Lync Online, SharePoint Online bundled together with their Enterprise Subscription, and all these products supports both fully Cloud and Hybrid deployment model this the beauty of Microsoft product where they can function flexibly and also integrate with each other for rich experience and also Microsoft team  continue innovate all of their product line seamlessly which is an add-on benefit when you use all of these services and When it comes to Administration we can manage these environments from our own desktops with the help of Windows Powershell by installing the appropriate Online module at ease.

I have already covered about Exchange Online and Lync Online Powershell module in my earlier post, and today I am sharing about the SharePoint Online powershell module, yesterday Microsoft team published the updated version of SharePoint Online module and made available for download and you can install this same as the other modules to your machine and manage the SharePoint Online Environment.

Download here: SharePoint Online Management Shell

Access the below Office blog post for some more information,

Introduction to the SharePoint Online Management Shell

One more vital post from MVP Rene Modery with real time demo available below explaining the new cmdlets in action.

New options in the SharePoint Online Management Shell PowerShell cmdlets

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