Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ADFS Vs Password Hash

This post is written here today referencing the latest TechTarget post from our renowned Exchange MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck on the differences between Dirsync Password Hash (Password Sync) and ADFS and Identify which is better by analyzing their pros on cons and get to know how they both function in a single window, I read this post today and its is very informative and must read to know the feature differences of both of these Authentication options and choose the best one for your environment along with other major things to consider and understand both of them in a nutshell.

I have already wrote posts on both Password Hash and ADFS and you can refer them below along with Michael's post to understand the subject more better and what ever Michael is explaining about the authentication with ADFS is clearly mentioned on the Presentation I referenced in the ADFS post visibly for your ease of understanding.

Dirsync - Password hash

ADFS in O365 in a Nutshell

Review Michael's post below from TechTarget

Is Password Sync better than ADFS for Office 365 identity management?

Also read one more excellent feature comparison post from Office365 Tip of the Day blog post from MVP Sean McNeill

ADFS vs DirSync with Password Sync: The User Experience

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