Monday, January 27, 2014

Directory Based Edge Blocking Now Available!

I earlier wrote a post on Directory Based Edge Blocking for EOP when Microsoft team updated that this feature will soon be added to the EOP and today Microsoft Team updated the EHLO blog with the availability of Directory Based Edge Blocking for EOP and the changes it incurred in comparison with its predecessor FOPE.

It's good that Microsoft team reviewed the customer concerns and added this feature at the earliest as most of the Organizations are already in the phase of moving to EOP from FOPE, This Transition did not happen along with the Wave 15 Service Upgrade in O365 with most of the tenants. DBED is one of the best feature of FOPE which largely reduced the amount of unwanted Mail flow inside the Organization by filtering the Emails sent from external users using the Directory  information Synchronized from On premise AD and thus maintaining a healthier Mail Flow inside the Organization, and this new feature Addition adds more value to the EOP as a standalone service and also a good new for the O365 customers who are using this feature and also for the one who are yet to adopt this feature along with EOP.

Review the Complete post below for more information

In Deployment: Directory Based Edge Blocking for Exchange Online Protection

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