Thursday, January 09, 2014

Common Mailbox / Folder sharing scenarios Guided Walkthroughs from Microsoft

This is the latest EHLO blog post published today and this is quite significant one which clearly explains how to perform some of the common Exchange tasks as a end user and this Guided Walkthroughs are the best one to share with your end users from now on so that they can review them and perform these tasks at ease which they tend to do often and raise concerns to support team if they face issues and this applicable not only for end users and also it shows some common cmdlets and steps we use as Admins in the environment to grant access and manage the permissions in addition as a walkthrough, It is applicable for both Exchange Online and On premises,  I reviewed them and found to be good resource and a great innovation from Microsoft team.

This is the quick preview of the Guided Walkthroughs

Review the complete post here : Common mailbox / folder sharing scenarios Guided Walkthroughs now Available

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