Monday, January 06, 2014

Quick Start to Office 365 for Small to Medium Businesses

Organizations are now starting to pilot their environment to O365 it is not only restricted to large Enterprises and even Organization that run Small and Medium size Business are in the race and Microsoft team has various plans available to choose with variety of features and now even Organizations running Small and Medium size business plans with O365 can switch plans on the fly as they need with respect to this recent announcement from Microsoft team.

If you are already belong to one of these Small and Medium Size business and starting to transition to Office 365 then the below resource available from Microsoft is an essential one to have handy while you start the process and this typically benefits your Organization for a smooth transition.

Download the Quick Start to Office 365 for Small to Medium Businesses which covers most vital resources needed for your transition and below is quick preview of what it contains

  • Fast Track to Office 365 tips and best practices guide
  • Email samples
  • Policies and best practices templates
  • Presentations for introducing Office 365
  • Posters and other print communications
  • Help desk and support resources
  • End-user surveys
  • Videos

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