Monday, January 06, 2014

The Five People Who Determine Your Success - Forbes!

It's now time for us to review our other side of life apart from the same Technical stuff we all talk about all day long, here it is for you, I recently came across this excellent post from Forbes Magazine website which was really a great one to read for all of us as this is something which is applicable for everyone of us and the Author who wrote this post is excellent in bringing out the content what he intended to do so.

Success never comes alone, though we can call ourselves successful but we cannot say that no one assisted us or motivated us along they in our journey to reach the top of the ladder, even for the ladder the wall on which its leaning towards the target and the ground from where it is standing "The base" is required.

As stated in this post we can categorize the individuals based on the 5 categories below with their nature based up on your personal experience and evaluation and list the ones who fit in to each of the categories and this is not for any analysis or a survey, it is just for us to know who they are how they helped and what sort of people do we need to have relation ship with in our life for a successful carrier and share the same with others. Most of us might not have the opportunity to met all these 5 type of people in our Journey so fare and we are yet to meet them soon. so, it is always good to know who they are before and categorize them accordingly and move on till we find the complete 5 and place in the top of our list. Also you can analyze upon yourself and see where do you fit in most of others analysis and I would says that most of your prediction over yourself will be true if you ask them, because no one else can evaluate better than you... :)

The 5 people can be categorized as below as stated by our author.

  • Point Guard – The Facilitator
  • Shooting Guard – The Playmaker
  • Small Forward – The Encourager
  • Power Forward – The Bruiser
  • Center – The Rock

Read the complete post here : The Five People Who Determine Your Success

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