Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Know Your Exchange Online Limits...

Today I saw a latest tweet from our Scott Schnoll referencing this topic from which I am writing this post to share the information regarding the Exchange Online Limits which every Admin who manage the O365 environment should know about , when it comes to our On premises Exchange Sever we have the option to modify the default limits according to our Organization requirement but when we adopt the O365 plans and use Exchange Online mailboxes the limits are predefined by Microsoft team and we cannot override them as we do with our On premises Environment, Most of the limits varies along with the different O365 service plan we adopt, and its good to know these prior before we decide up on opting for a specific plan when we migrate to O365 and also if you are already a migrated customer then your Admins should know these limits to update users when they raise a query and also you can switch plans accordingly in mere future, which is made possible now based up on the Organization's requirement with a proper forecast.

Below is the quick overview of the different Limits discussed in the TechNet article and for clear understanding review the article.

  • Mailbox storage limits
  • Capacity alerts
  • Mailbox folder limits
  • Message limits
  • Recipient and sender limits
  • Retention limits
  • Distribution group limits
  • Transport and Inbox rule limits
  • Moderation limits

Review the Article here: Exchange Online Limits

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