Thursday, January 02, 2014

Tony's Ten predictions for the world of Exchange in 2014

Today I read this latest post from WindowsITPro on Tony Redmond's Exchange Unwashed Blog, Where Tony pointed out his predictions on how Exchange Server future will be in this New year and what changes we can expect this year towards the future, I found this quite informative and sharing here your visibility.
Below are the quick preview of his 10 predictions
  • BYOD will continue to be a challenge
  • New versions of Exchange 2013 will appear
  • Exchange 2013 performance must improve
  • Exchange 16 comes into focus
  • The Microsoft Exchange Conference will be a hoot
  • Office 365 will hit a $3 billion annual run rate
  • Office 365 will offer 100GB standard mailboxes
  • Someone will complete a large migration of legacy public folders
  • Someone will figure out a use for site mailboxes
  • MVPs will continue to be grumpy
Changes are inevitable and its is always good to predict and plan accordingly and easily align ourselves with the new Technology and continue the journey.

Read the full post here : Ten predictions for the world of Exchange in 2014

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