Monday, April 21, 2014

Office 365 system requirements Overview

I am writing this post referencing the updated Office 365 System Requirements, When you plan to migrate to Office 365 or plan to use Office 365 in a Hybrid model there are many things to consider and completed prior you adopt the service based on your requirement, doing this is a mandate one to use the Service without interruption and work in a supported configuration with the Service per Microsoft Guidelines.

Office 365 runs with the latest and greatest servers in the Cloud and to work with these latest version we need to step forward to get our On premises environment upgraded to the supported versions of Clients updated by Microsoft team in the below System Requirements page at the earliest, if you have adopted the service and still using Legacy Clients which are not the updated or the supported ones, you may start facing issues sooner or later and there will no longer be any support or fixes available to address these issues at that time and for sure end user experience will be impacted because of unexpected downtime on which Microsoft will not support and take responsibility as they have already updated in their guidelines.

As a Office 365 Administrator its our job to ensure that we met these requirements and create a timeline for this upgrade path and complete it before we face any service issues and also if you are an Administrator who are planning to adopt Office 365 then you need to ensure that your On premises Clients meets these outlined requirements and then proceed further with the deployment.

Most of the Organizations I came across are using Outlook 2007 and IE8 which are no longer supported and if you are one among them, then you need to start planning for your Client upgrade to the latest version or a supported version at the earliest failing which will have serious service impact sooner or later as stated earlier and you can refer the requirements page below to know more on the impact.

Access here : Office 365 system requirements

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