Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New PelNet Tool from Microsoft

Microsoft team released a new Tool called PelNet ( PowerShell Telnetting) created by Michael Hall MSFT which is typically a powershell script file which will analyze your Organization Mail Flow by validating the send connectors and smart hosts for appropriate configuration in scenarios where you cannot use telnet in your environment and you need to validate the configuration on a large environment spanning through datacenters with multiple Exchange and Smart host servers involving in the mail-flow Topology.

This Tool address these needs by providing a possible way to check the configuration from one place based on your inputs provided as needed at ease, and also assist us in troubleshooting mail-flow issues in the Environment.

Access the below EHLO blog post to know more on this tool and also download the same and test it and share your feedback to Microsoft team for further enhancements.

Access here: Released: PelNet


PelNet v2.0 released with some new features, review this below EHLO Blog post for more details.

Review here: Released: PelNet v2.0

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