Thursday, April 03, 2014

MEC 2014 Completed!!!

MEC 2014 completed successfully, Microsoft team made this event larger than ever before and announced few more innovations during these days and show cast their innovation and best practices guidelines to the experts around the world and also our own experts delivered sessions which added some more value to the conference we knowledge is shared across both ends of the Technology, soon the recorded sessions will be available for our visibility.

The latest EHLO blog post MEC 2014 wrap-up updates some more on this clearly, When you review the article Microsoft team has created an excellent documentary film " Exchange Through the Ages "  on the evolution of Exchange which is a must watch for all readers.

Additionally, Our MVPs who attended and delivered sessions this time in MEC 2014 started to write posts on their experience in their blogs and soon we can get more information from them one after the other, which will give us a idea where our Technology is marching towards and once the MEC sessions are available we can review them with some insight provided to us already by our experts.

Check the below posts from our MVPs sharing their MEC experience to readers.

This was MEC 2014 (in a nutshell) - Michael Van Horenbeeck

Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 finishes on a high -  Tony Redmond

The colorful side of MEC 2014: All the stuff that makes a conference - Tony Redmond

 MEC RECAP – It was great - JaapWesselius 

MEC 2014 Wrap-Up - Michel de Rooij

MEC 2014 wrap-up by the numbers - Paul Robichaux

Below is the script to download the MEC 2014 sessions created by MVP Paul  Robichaux

Script to download MEC 2014 presentations

One more script to download the videos and slides

Download All Videos and Slides from MEC 2014 - MVP Peter Schmidt


* MEC2014 sessions are available for audience at Channel9, Lets review and experience the Technology, check out the below EHLO blog post on the same and access the Channel9 MEC 2014 section and start your learning.

MEC 2014 Recordings are here!

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