Monday, April 14, 2014

Microsoft Azure not affected by Heartbleed bug

Believe everyone in the IT world is aware about the new Heartbleed Bug that affects the Open SSL and causing several security threats, Everyday we get new information on the topic in the IT community forum and security measures are taken everywhere now to address this issue and also more customers suspected to be affected are requested to change their passwords in various renowned web based applications that rely on Open SSL and I wrote this blog post today to share about the impact of this issue with respect to Microsoft Cloud platform.

Microsoft team released the below MSDN blog post to address the customers on this new vulnerability to update that Microsoft Azure service is not affected by this bug as they are not using Open SSL to terminate SSL connections and they are using their own encryption component "Secure Channel (SChannel)" which is not impacted by this bug and things are secure, but they also state that other Virtual machines and Applications that runs on Azure which utilizes Open SSL could be affected and the respective customers need to take necessary action on their part to address this issue by updating Open SSL to the latest version.

Review the MSDN Blog post here : Information on Microsoft Azure and Heartbleed

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