Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Forefront Identity Manger becomes Microsoft Identity Manger soon!

In today's world Technology changes occur rapidly and Microsoft is not an exception and tops on these events, Recently many great enhancements and Innovations are made to their product line interms of both On premises and Cloud platforms and significantly took their business to the next level. There are many notable name changes occurred recently on their major products like "Windows Azure became Microsoft Azure" and "Sky Drive became One Drive" and along with this now the renowned Forefront Identity Manger (FIM) is getting a new name as  Microsoft Identity Manger.

Microsoft team already published an article stated that most of the Forefront products will be discontinued and few of the products will be under extended support and will not be sold to customers and also soon they will release an advanced version of Forefront Identity Manger product by 2015 and today they published a blog post on the same with their road map and official announcement regarding the new name change for the "Forefront Identity Manager" to "Microsoft Identity Manger"

Below is the quick preview of New features available with this next release

  •     Hybrid scenarios that leverage cloud-based services delivered in Microsoft Azure, including Multi-Factor Authentication, Azure Active Directory application integration, analytics and reporting
  •     Support for the latest platforms and mobile devices with modern user interfaces  
  •     Improved security with additional controls, analytics and auditing of administrative and privileged user identities and their access to Active Directory, Windows Server and applications.
More information on this new updates and Announcements is available in the below blog posts, review the same to know more...

Forefront Identity Manager futures

Forefront Identity Manager vNext roadmap (now Microsoft Identity Manager)

As stated in the blog post we can expect to hear more on this soon in the next Teched scheduled for this 14 May 2014.

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