Monday, April 07, 2014

Last day for Legacies!!!

Believe everyone is aware about the support end date of Microsoft Windows XP, IE8, Office 2003, Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2010 SP2, which is tomorrow 8th April 2014  and post this date this products become unsupported and Microsoft team will not assist or update these software post this date and all you can do is to get things moved faster to the next supported version or the latest one at the earliest if you have not started the upgrade yet.

Today I am writing this post here for your recap referencing my old posts and few vital posts on the topic which will be useful for you to know more and  begin your upgrade path from these legacy versions to the supported versions.

Review these below posts to know more:

The below one is the first post I wrote when I came to know about the deadline of these products way back last November.

The End is Near for "Legacies"...

Below post outlines the Vulnerability with Windows XP.

Will You still Continue to use XP after Reading this?

Below are posts which provides you latest update with Windows XP and the ways of upgrading to the next supported Version in detail.

* So, Windows XP is dead. What are my options now?

Microsoft issues final Windows XP, Office 2003 patches

* Many Microsoft Products Losing Support After April 8, Not Just Windows XP

Below article bids farewell  for Office 2003 and answers user's FAQ.

Farewell Office 2003

I wrote this below post referencing MVP Tony Redmond's  post over IE 8 Compatibility issues with Office 365 for OWA and this throw some light to review the new updated Requirements with Office 365 to move forward to upgrade the IE version. Along with Windows XP,  Internet Explorer 8 exiting out of support on this same day and this is a wise move start thing during that time, I also recently added one more vital post on this blog post over the availability of  new IE11 " Enterprise Mode " Which provides some Compatibility features for accessing Legacy webpages and makes a  feasible way to upgrade the Browser version. 

O365 - Upgrade your IE

Finally, Our Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 has reached its end of Extended support along with the above ones the same day as stated, and this is everyone's  all time favorite version of Exchange Server where innovation begin and I also started my Exchange Career with this version and continued the Journey till date. Moving out of Exchange Server 2003 is not easy for most of the Organizations but Microsoft team provided long time Service for the product and its time to move on.  Also Microsoft team provided possible ways to Upgrade to the new supported Version of the product starting Exchange 2007/2010 and now to Office 365 and you will not be able to upgrade to Exchange 2013 directly from 2003 which is a known fact, and below articles are really good resources and contains vital references which provides you some more information on the topic and make you gain necessary knowledge and shows you the tools required to start your migration.

Transitioning from Exchange 2003: It's Harder Than You Think

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