Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Build Your Own Lync 2013 Intranet Site

Lync 2013 become the most prominent client now with Microsoft Lync , Though it is installed as a full client or basic it comes with few enhanced features comparing to its predecessor and Microsoft team already made Official announcements to update the Lync Client for Organizations who are using  Lync Online to upgrade at least to Lync 2013 basic during the Wave 15 Service Upgrade, Though Client Interoperability with Lync 2010 Client is still possible with Lync Server 2013 the recommended client to utilize all the features is Lync 2013.

Lync 2013 client roll-out is something which can be performed now within the current environment without any major downtime or service impact for users because the product installation does not remove the Lync 2010 client by default and it will work side by side and user have the flexibility to switch clients till they are comfortable in using Lync 2013 at the earliest.  With this being said to make the users aware about the new Interface and features with the Lync 2013 Client, Organizations should plan to provide end user education through training programme and best approach is to create a Intranet site for providing user guidance online for users through which they can refer and get to know how to work with the new client and additionally you can create FAQs and Known issues section on to the site to answer most of user's support questions and also provide update about common known issues and fixes.

To make this possible Microsoft team recently released the Lync 2013 Custom Intranet site package available for download which contains some vital walkthroughs, how to videos and presentations available for Lync in a webpage format through which users can get to know how to use Lync at ease and this provides you adequate resources handy to build you own Intranet support site for Lync and enhance end user support experience.

Download here:  Microsoft Lync 2013 Custom Intranet Site

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