Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Get To Know How Microsoft IT Runs Lync

It's been quite sometime since I wrote some posts on Lync as I was engaged more with Office 365 for a quite period of time and luckily spent sometime today to check few posts on the latest happenings with Lync 2013 and the first one I came across is a Lync Conference 2014 session over which I wrote this post today for readers.

Lync Conference 2014 was a major event Organized by Microsoft team which got completed recently and this time it was larger than ever and more innovations were introduced during the conference, It comprised of detailed demonstration on the new innovations and deep dive Technical sessions for understanding and managing the product with today's latest technology along with other great sessions from partners and customers to show how Lync simplified their Unified communication needs and added more Business value to their growth, showing us all that "Microsoft Lync" is the next generation Unified platform which will rule the world on perspective of both Business and consumer level.

Before I begin, I would request you to review the below blog post from The Official Microsoft Blog towards a quick preview on what was discussed on the Conference Keynote which laid the foundation for the present and future of Lync and showed us what are the new innovations Lync is going to acquire and what is the future road-map on the product from Microsoft, that will transform the Unified Communications market and take it to the next level.

Check here: From unified to universal, the next stage for communications

Recently, I wrote a post on What's behind Office 365? referencing the latest SharePoint 2014 Conference session from Microsoft team wherein they showed how they run the Office 365 environment transparently to users and demoed how they deploy and manage such a vast Enterprise solution around the world serving millions of users for major Organizations with various services, which gives us a strong idea for us to know what is actually happening  behind the screen, which enhances the customer adoption of Office 365.

Today, It's time for us to know how Microsoft team runs their Lync Environment internally and understand how robust the product is from Microsoft themselves sharing their own deployment experience along with other new experience and challenges they gained from their customer deployments, which provide us some best practices, tools and guidance on how Lync can be deployed and managed in a Enterprise and how customers can leverage the great benefits of the product.

I reviewed this great session " How Microsoft IT Runs Lync " presented by Sean Wilson - Senior Service Manager, Microsoft IT, which is published for audience and found it really great and useful and a must one to watch to know more on Lync. Microsoft team is enhancing the Technology and sharing their experience as guidance for successful deployment for their customers which adds more value to their product and provide rich experience to users.

Check out the Session here in YouTube: How Microsoft IT Runs Lync

Few more sessions are available as of now in the YouTube channel here, and soon all the sessions will be made available publicly and we can access the Lync Conference 2014 sessions page and download the slides and video sessions to learn more on Lync. Will watch for the same and let you know soon.

Update: As stated above Lync Conference 2014 session slide decks and Videos are now available for download from Channel9 you can also access the conference session link referenced above to get to the content.

Additionally, you can use the below excellent script from our MVP Peter Schmidt to download the contents all at once.

Access the script here: Download All Videos and Slides from LyncConf 2014

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