Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Azure Active Directory Sync Services Tool

Microsoft Office 365 team recently announced the preview release of Azure Active Directory Sync Services Tool for Multi-Forest directory synchronization scenarios, As of today we rely on the AAD connector with FIM 2010 R2  for synchronizing On premise AD objects with Azure AD in a Multi-Forest Toplogy. Dirsync is the traditional Tool for Synchronizing On premises Object to Cloud in a Single Forest Topology it can also be used for Multi-Forest Topology but it is not a suggested one wherein you need to deploy separate Dirsync server in each forest and also ensure that proper filtering occurs in all the servers to synchronize with Azure properly with out issues and typically adds additional complexity on deployment and also managing multiple servers tedious, to support the Multi-Forest deployment  AAD connector is the preferred one which was introduced a while ago replacing the Office 365 Connector.

This new Azure Active Directory Sync Services Tool is introduced to provide some additonal functionality for performing the Synchronization in a simplified way in comparison with AAD Connector. Since this is a preview release we don't have more information available on this now apart from the below Overview referenced and We can see some information regarding the Tool updated in Today's new Office Blog post Series started for understanding Directory Synchronization options with Office 365 and also this is First part on the Series and soon we will have the other 2 parts published which will have more information on the understanding the Identity models available with Office 365 and  ADFS Single-Sign On and other features.

Review here : Azure Active Directory Sync Services

Access the Office 365 Blog post here : Synchronizing your directory with Office 365 is easy

*Also review the below TechNet Wiki pages to know more information on the Tool, get answers to FAQs and to know whats coming in the Road-Map

Check here : AADSync TechNet Wiki

* Update:

Microsoft team published the below Excellent Active Directory Team Blog post to know more on this new Tool along with some great news about enhancements made to the current Dirsync Tool and outlines their Future road-map, which clearly shows us that soon Dirsync will be replaced by this AAD Sync Services Tool which will be a single robust tool that will support all types of Directory Synchronization scenarios from a single Forest to Hybrid and to Complex Multi-Forest scenarios with advanced features.

Access here: New sync capabilities in preview: Password Write Back, New AAD Sync and Multi-forest support

Also review the referenced Blog post below from our renowned MVP Steve Goodman to know things in a nutshell. 

Understanding the Azure AD Sync Preview

*Here comes an another excellent WindowsITPro blog post from MVP Sean Dueby on the topic discussing the key features and  future Roadmap.

Microsoft Strengthens Azure Active Directory Integration with Azure AD Sync and Password Reset


*AADSync Beta has been released on Connect, You can follow the Instructions provide in the Wiki referenced above to begin your testing and share the feedback to the team.

[Reference] AADSync Beta has been released on Connect

*AAD Sync Beta 2 released: Selective sync, improved password reset & Exchange Hybrid support

AAD Sync Beta 2: Selective sync, improved password reset & exchange hybrid support


AAD Sync Beta 3 is now available for download through the Identity and Access Management program on Microsoft Connect with some great enhancements for Hybrid.

AD Sync Beta 3 Available


Review the below excellent round-up article from Perficient to know things in a nutshell. 

Multi-Forest Identity Solution – Azure AD Sync


Azure Active Directory Synchronization Services (AAD Sync) Reaches General Availability


First QFE for AAD Sync Tool is released and instructions to update from the earlier version is available in the below article.

Review here : AAD Sync Version Release History

Also with this recent release we have two new updates where the first one being a great enhancement we awaited for.

New features include:
  • Password synchronization from multiple on-premise AD to AAD
  • Localized installation UI to all Windows Server languages
Check out the updated product documentation here : Implement password synchronization with AAD Sync


*New Active Directory team blog post released with guided walk-through to connect On premises AD and Azure AD using AAD Connect in easy steps. 

Connecting AD and Azure AD: Only 4 clicks with Azure AD Connect

Additionally review this below excellent review written by MVP Sean Deuby on Azure AD Connect

Azure Active Directory Connect Tool Enters Beta - WindowsITPro

Review AAD Connect articles to know more

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