Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Video calling between Skype and Lync is on the Way!!!

Today is a remarkable day for Microsoft Lync as today is the first day for  Lync Conference 2014 and during the keynote session Gurdeep Singh Pall, corporate vice president for Lync & Skype Engineering presented over the new features brought in to Lync and a quick overview of the future road map with Lync being the next Unified Communication Platform which is widely adopted by everyone around the world already and we could even call it as the Next generation Communication platform.

There are many significant features discussed during the keynote session the most important and the long awaited one is the Lync - Skype Video calling and in today's session a live demo was shown to the audience and this feature will be made available for end users soon. This makes a strong impression that Microsoft team really believes in innovation and brings it to live at the earliest providing rich user experience and also benefit Organization's Business Needs with out compromising Information security with reduced costs.

We already know about Lync - Skype integration and the Instant messaging feature now this video calling functionality makes it even more robust and to know more review the below TechNet blog post and the referenced Official blog post with the complete list of enhancements for your visibility.

Video calling between Skype and Lync is part of next step of universal communications

The Official Microsoft Blog post

Review here: From unified to universal, the next stage for communications

For more Technical deep dive towards this feature review the below NextHop article

Microsoft Lync-Skype connectivity v2 – Adds Video and More

Additionally, Read the below Lync Team Blog post for more innovations

Behind the Scenes at the Lync Conference 2014 Keynote Demo


As Microsoft promised this great feature is made available to users on December 2014

Video calling between Skype and Lync available now !!!

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