Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lync Server 2013 Stress Testing Guide

When it comes to Exchange or Lync Server Design and Deployment the major concentration is required over the Capacity planning and a proper Capacity planning based up on the current Environment analysis and also keeping the future enhancements and requirements in mind brings up a strong solution for a successful design and implementation of the Environment.

Admins who are very much familiar with Exchange Design and deployment knows about the Exchange Server Role requirement Calculator and the Jetstress tool which are the most common ones used, And when it comes to Lync we still have similar options available as with Exchange and they are the Lync Server 2013 Capacity Planning Calculator and the Lync Server 2013 Stress and Performance Tool

I wrote this post here to update you about the above said Tools available for Lync similar to Exchange and point you to the new Lync Server 2013 Stress Testing Guide released by Microsoft to know more on Lync Server 2013 Stress Testing and how to perform proper it properly in align with your requirement and plan for a successful production design and deployment.

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