Friday, February 07, 2014

Microsoft Product Roadmap -2014

Microsoft continue to innovate and enhance their product line consistently over the years and due to the recent advancement in the Technology and rapid changes occur in the IT Market the cycle in which this advancements were made is shorten and now we get frequent updates to existing products and also new products enter into  the IT world from Microsoft.

Microsoft team normally look out for opportunities in the IT market and introduce new products and also make enhancements to the existing product line which forms a strong Roadmap to their Future agenda, this year we have more significant enhancements to be made to their product line on all products both at the consumer end and Enterprise customers end and it's always good for us to know what are these new changes going to be upper hand and get ready to face the new challenges.

I wrote this post today here with reference to the latest article published in the Redmond Channel Partner website which covers the Microsoft Product Roadmap for 2014 and it provides information on upcoming changes in various technologies which puts you on the edge of your seats to get ready to face the future with Microsoft.

Read the complete post here: The 2014 Microsoft Product Roadmap

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