Tuesday, February 04, 2014

O365 - Upgrade your IE

I recently came across this vital post from our MVP Tony Redmond on his Exchange Unwashed blog about the IE8 issues with O365 and the most important part to look in to the topic is over IE8 support which ends on 8th April 2014 which is not too long and post this date O365 users will have Outlook Web App Light shown with the IE8 browsers and this is eventually a potential impact to the End user Experience and also for Admin Experience, IE8 is already considered as a Legacy browser and soon Organizations need to plan their IE upgrade to the latest IE11.

Microsoft team has already updated this in the O365 Message Center and the deadline is very near , Let's ensure that we all upgrade our Environment to IE11 at the earliest. Users can still use other Browsers with their latest version to access Web Mail but the recommended process is to use the supported latest Microsoft product to receive proper support experience.

Review the post to know more: The unhappy mixture of Office 365, Outlook Web App, and Windows XP

Additionally, Read the latest TechNet post released by Microsoft which talks more on the updated requirements with O365

Review here: Office 365 System Requirements

* Microsoft Team updated O365 customers to upgrade their browser version through Message Center already as shown below.

* Below is the Official Microsoft Knowledge base article on this issue explaining the same and also if you still need your users to use OWA through IE8 then you need to manually set their OWA access to OWA light and revert it post IE upgrade else they will face performance issues as stated clearly.

Check here: Slow Outlook Web App performance when accessed through Internet Explorer 8

*Microsoft team recently introduced a new feature called "Enterprise Mode" for Internet Explorer 11 which supports compatibility for running legacy webpages and makes a way to upgrade IE in the Environment and there are pros and cons as always, Review the below MSDN Blog post to know more...

Stay up to date with Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11

* One more Vital Blog post from Windows IT Pro forum

New IE11 GPO Templates Incorporate Enterprise Mode for IE Settings


New Update after Jan. 12, 2016 Microsoft will only provide security patches and technical support for the most current IE browser per a particular supported operating system.

Review here: Microsoft Announces New Support Policy for Internet Explorer

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