Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DirSync Toolbox

DirSync plays a major role in Office 365 and there are more significant changes made to the product and some are yet to come in mere future and you can know more if you refer my earlier post " Microsoft Future RoadMap for Identity and Access Management with O365" .

Today I found this TechNet post which shows us about the availability of Dirsync Toolbox which is quite useful for us to know our Dirsync setup and below is quick description of the Toolbox and the post contains the download link at the bottom to obtain the software and to get it work you need to install it on your Dirsync server

The objective of the DirSync Toolbox is to provide you with status information about your current DirSync implementation.

This includes:

The number of managed objects
The last DC used by your Active Directory connector to exchange identity data
Windows Azure Active Directory connector and Active Directory connector statistics

Refer the post here: Introduction to the DirSync Toolbox

Additional Bytes

People who are familiar with DirSync should also know about Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) over which DirSync is designed and we can call DirSync as a downsized version of FIM.

A New version of FIM is released and you could know more information on the same from the below WindowsITPro post.

Synch On-Premise Digital Identity with Windows Azure Active Directory

Download : Forefront Identity Manager Connector for Windows Azure Active Directory


Similar to this Dirsync Tool we have Federation Metadata Update Tool for ADFS which needs to be installed on ADFS server which automatically renews the ADFS token signing certificate.

Review the below TechNet blog post to know more.

Federation Metadata Update Tool should be installed with every ADFS and Office 365 deployment

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