Monday, February 10, 2014

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

Today Microsoft O365 Team announced that they have added the support for Multi-Factor Authentication for O365 Users, Earlier this feature was available only for Admin roles and now it is made available to users without any additional requirement of a new purchase or subscription to use this service and it comes as a part of existing Licensing model. This feature will be further more increased in the upcoming days and Microsoft team has made a strong Roadmap for this and working all way with more innovation and soon we will receive some great updates in the upcoming days.

Security plays a major role with any Organization and this enhancement made to O365 is quite significant which show us that Microsoft is now concentrating more on Customer Security in terms of Identity and Access management on their servicing model and this eventually makes O365 a favorable one and benefits the existing customers to continue the service and also makes it available on the top of the priority list  for Organizations that are yet to adopt the Cloud servicing model to their IT Infrastructure.

Read the official Announcement below along with other vital information over this great feature.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

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Microsoft expands Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

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Enabling and Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication for #Office365 

O365 Multi-Factor Authentication is a subset of the Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Review the below excellent article written by our O365 MVP  Jethro Seghers showing the comparison of these two features and you can choose the best one for your needs.

Multi Factor Authentication in Office 365 vs Azure

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Two-factor authentication for Outlook and Office 2013 clients

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