Friday, February 07, 2014

Exchange ActiveSync Guided Walkthrough Now Available!

Microsoft team is currently concentrating on providing strong support experience to end users who use their product and to achieve this Administrators who manage the Environment must have adequate knowledge on the product and troubleshooting skills which makes this possible to restore service during outages and also resolve common issues on day to day basis and provide a rich end user experience.

Recently Microsoft team has provided various Guided Walkthrough portals for making Administrators and End users to  troubleshoot most of the issues with different well known and advanced scenarios covering both Onpremises and Cloud. I have already updated over these Guided Walkthroughs once they were released in the past and you can find most of them here.

Today, Microsoft team added one more vital Walkthrough as an addition to the above ones and this is on ActiveSync , Every Organization in Today's world irrespective of their Technology use the Mobility service and Microsoft ActiveSync is the most common one used around the world which comes along with Exchange Server and troubleshooting issues with ActiveSync has already became a part of life for most of the Exchange Admins.

In order to provide seamless troubleshooting Experience this Guided Walkthrough is quite useful which covers most of the important troubleshooting steps and benefits both new and experience administrators to take proper action based on the issue reported on time and restore the service at the earliest.

Review the EHLO blog post below to know more

Access the Guided Walkthrough here: Exchange ActiveSync Guided Walkthrough  

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