Thursday, February 13, 2014

Exchange Online Migration GWT released!

Microsoft team in addition to their existing Guided Walkthroughs today released one more vital GWT for Exchange online migration and this GWT primarily focuses on Hybrid  Migration troubleshooting and named as "Hybrid Migration Troubleshooter" as of today most of the Organizations with Office 365 has adopted Hybrid Deployment model and major Organizations that are yet to adopt Office 365 are planning for this Model and even Microsoft encourages the same for Larger Organizations to adopt Hybrid Deployment model which gives seamless experience to manage both the Onpremises and Cloud and with this being said this newly released GWT is quite significant one for Administrators to manage and troubleshoot Office 365 Hybrid Environment.

It's a great news for us as Admins that Microsoft team is now doing a great job in analyzing the available troubleshooting methods and roofs them under single window in form of these GWTs for different products and eventually makes our job easier to look in to the appropriate issue and its respective workaround or solution at ease and take necessary action on time with out delay and restore the service with in SLA in most cases, thus providing a rich End User Experience.

We can even share our own troubleshooting steps that resolves a issue to Microsoft if they are not already available and these will be reviewed and included in to the GWT to make it a one shop troubleshooting resource for all level of Administrators.

Access the office EHLO blog post below to know more

 Exchange Online Migration GWT released

Access the GWT here : Hybrid Migration Troubleshooter

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