Thursday, December 12, 2013

'The Next 10 Years’: The digitization of nearly everything with Microsoft

In today's modern world Technology has went far beyond Imagination and now everything is getting digitalized and we rely more over the new Technological innovations everyday and significantly in the last decade it has developed to a very large extent and still continue to evolve.

Information Technology has now become a part of life and now traditional IT Architecture is changed along with the new innovations that are in place starting from Virtualiztaion to Cloud computing at all levels. Organizations started to adopt the new Technology very soon nowadays and also have a quick sense of fore casting made easy with the advent of the Technology and plan their future with the right sense of Business Analytics and  Business Intelligence.

I wrote this blog post today to point to one of the latest article posted in The Official Microsoft Blog by Satya Nadella Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft in the LeWeb’13 Technology event occurred recently, where he stated how Microsoft latest Cloud Technology has improved the productivity of various Organizations across the globe and the new Innovations happens in the IT market towards the future and how Technology will be improved in the next decade and concludes that we can see everything being digitalized and it will be an era of digitalization.

 I read this article and felt great and sharing here to my readers through this post.

Review  the article here: LeWeb’13 and ‘The Next 10 Years’: The digitization of nearly everything

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