Friday, December 27, 2013

Daily Online NewsPapers on the Move...

I recently came across few daily Online Newspapers created by our renowned MVPs and Technology Experts through over various technologies, in here they share various vital articles, blog posts, news feeds and updates happening in the IT environment related to specific products, which are quite a rich resource to read and they are updated every day with new information to make us up-to date with the Technology.

I wrote this post here to Introduce you to these Online Newspapers to know more on the technology and stay up to date.

Daily #MSExchange Paper

Windows Server 2012 Daily

The #Lync Daily

The Jeffery Hicks IT Daily

MS #Azure and #Intune daily

The #PowerShell Daily

The #cloud Daily

The Microsoft Azure Times Daily

These are the few that I read so far and will continue to update the post as I found other vital ones.

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