Monday, December 23, 2013

Exchange 2013 load balancing using open source tools with Steve Goodman!

Recently, I read a recent post from TechTarget under the Search Exchange forum written by none other than our Exchange MVP Steve Goodman on how to use Open source tools available to setup a Load balancing solution for Exchange Server 2013 described in detail with clear description and walk through.

Steve is well known for his new experiments and findings that typically assists us in understanding the subject more clear in a new way which eventually shows us how to utilize the available technology and form a robust solution at ease, In here, he shows us how to use Open Source tools like Ubuntu Virtual machine and HAProxy using simple configuration and transform it to a successful load balancing solution. As we all know with the new Exchange Server 2013 Architecture we no longer required an expensive layer 7 Load balancing solution and all we require is a Layer 4 Load balancer that can distribute the incoming traffic from the clients and this setup will be good enough to support the environment if you want to reduce costs and the environment is small with limited servers.

I read this post and it contains real valuable information and thought of writing a post here which would point you to this post if you have missed to read and also for new readers.

Access the post here : Set up reliable Exchange 2013 load balancing with open source tools

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