Thursday, December 19, 2013

Journey to IT as a Service Powered by Software-Defined Data Centers WhitePaper

In Today's IT world Technological changes are happening everyday and now Cloud Computing is reached a state far beyond Imagination and now multiple Organizations has adopted the Cloud and also some started to provide it as a service, it starts with the SaaS(Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and now there are many services added like CaaS (  Computing as a Service) DaaS ( Desktop as a Service ) and ITaaS ( IT as a Service) and for all these to work some key factors to consider is the Server Virtualization and Network Virtualization , to add to it now Organizations providing these services shifted their concentration towards SDN (Software Defined Networking) where we leverage the benefits of Software to do the Networking tasks among the traditional Hardware based networking to provide highly available Networking solution which eventually converts the regular Data Center to a Software-Defined Data Center.

VMware team conducted an Analysis with Forst & Sullivan IT Consulting firm on the topic and shared their Analysis report through a WhitePaper which is a really a very great information provided by them to readers to know the present and the future of IT and to understand how ITaas can help Organizations to met the goal and how Virtualization benefits the over all IT architecture and also shows us how a Software Defined Data Center adds value to the business in detail.

Review the below PDF document to read the complete report to know more.

Access here: Journey to IT as a Service Powered by Software-Defined Data Centers

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