Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Outlook New Email Issue caused by Mobile device and Fix

Recently I came across an Issue reported by user that his email from Inbox are automatically moved to a folder named Junk which was automatically created (Not to be confused with Junk Email folder) and we were not able to identify the cause initially and the issue was not resolved after several troubleshooting steps and finally found out that this is caused by user's Mobile device and resolved after following the instructions provided in the MS article which I am going to share now through this post.

When user reported this issue we started the investigation by checking the outlook rules if any and there were no rules that could trigger this and when we found out that this folder is automatically created it turned our attention from the rules, we placed the client in Online mode and used MFCMAPI tool to move the emails from this Junk folder to other folder and deleted this folder, but within seconds the folder got re-created and made us under confusion, Later user updated us that he is using the Mobile device Samsung Galaxy S4 and referenced us an TechNet article from Outlook forum which was created for this issue by renowned Outlook MVP Diane Poremsky and the solution provided in the article resolves the issue.

As stated earlier this issue seems to be strange when it appeared initially and most of the Admins will get amazed over this issue when it occurs for their users and eventually it turned out to be the specific mobile device and the known issue with it caused the problem and rectified. I thought of writing post to bring this to the reader's attention prior to get the issue addressed at the right time with the right steps and also to get it placed under the known issues section to educate users on the same.

Review the article to know more : Outlook creates extra folder called "Junk" in Mailbox

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