Monday, December 16, 2013

Lync Deployment Designer Tool

When it comes to designing a Lync Environment whether it is Lync Server 2010 or 2013 we are aware about the traditional Microsoft Planning Tools and these tools are the rich resources that will typically assist us in getting the Environment setup through the inputs we provide during the planning phase and also provides you a visual topology and assist you with the deployment.

Both of these Tools can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center.

Download here: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Planning Tool

Download here: Microsoft Lync Server 2013, Planning Tool

Now, it's time for one more tool developed by our Richard Brynteson well known for his famous Lync blog Mastering Lync which is one of the best blogs available outside to read and explore more on Lync Server.

Richard Named this tool as Lync Deployment Designer Tool and this tool is released only today and it's in the initial phase and you can test this with a sample design and there are lot of new features are planned a head in the future road map of this Tool, Thought of writing a post to share this information here so that you can include this excellent tool to your collection and it will be quite useful when you plan to design and deploy Lync server environment in mere future.

Access the Tool here: Lync Deployment Designer

Additional Bytes:

Additional to the above tool found an other Design calculator available for download from TechNet gallery for Lync server 2013.

Download here : Lync 2013 Detailed Design Calculator

One more Online Bandwidth calculator available from SmartHosted

Access here: Lync Bandwidth Calculator

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