Friday, August 07, 2015

Windows 10 and MDM

As everyone is experiencing the new Windows 10, I am writing this post today to share some good resources available in the community, that can provide you some insight on the new features of Windows 10 that benefits Organizations to manage these devices using automated MDM enrollment and advanced Mobility management.

Windows 10 devices comes with out-of-box experience (OOBE) to connect to Azure AD and below AD Team blog post shows this in detail

You can review the below blogs post to know how the enrollment of personally owned devices get registered with Azure AD

Finally, some advanced deep dive stuff that states how you can utilize Windows 10 and Azure AD with the power of Windows Intune for advanced Management options using Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and Built-in mobile device management for Office 365.

Azure AD, Microsoft Intune and Windows 10 – Using the cloud to modernize enterprise mobility!

To know things in a nutshell read the below post

Windows 10 and Azure Active Directory: Embracing the Cloud


Here comes the step by step walk-through post explains how to turn on auto-MDM enrollment with Azure Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft Intune.

Windows 10, Azure AD and Microsoft Intune: Automatic MDM enrollment powered by the cloud!

An additional excellent write-up on the topic below,

Configure automatic Microsoft Intune enrollment of Windows 10 devices when joining Azure Active Directory

You can take a look at the recent Office Mechanics video: Windows 10 updates for Office 365 admins for a quick demo 

An Advanced Topic to read below

Read here: Azure Active Directory integration with MDM 

One more to read  here: Azure Active Directory Device Registration Overview


Take your Learning to the next step by watching this on demand MS Ignite session.

Access here: Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Get and Stay in Control of Your Mobile Fleet

One more Ignite session for your learning as an Add-on.

Access here: Device and Data Protection with Mobile Device Management in Office 365

To know more on MDM in  Office 365 review my earlier blog post below and the provided references in the post.

Built-in MDM for Office 365 Reaches GA !!!

Will continue to update this post with some good resources and some new information as and when I come across. stay tuned...


Now devices running Windows 10 Mobile can join Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) when the device is configured during the out-of-box experience (OOBE).

Access here: Join Windows 10 Mobile to Azure Active Directory

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