Thursday, August 20, 2015

Office Mechanics: Beyond MDM—how to protect your data with BYOD and SaaS implemented

In this Office Mechanics show Microsoft team demonstrate how built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Office 365 allows you to set up conditional access to data by a specific device. We also show the resulting user experience. New MDM capabilities were introduced almost a year ago on this Office Mechanics show and are available in Office 365 now, and they get even better when you add Microsoft Intune.

View the Session here:  Beyond MDM—how to protect your data with BYOD and SaaS implemented

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Wanted to know more on Conditional Access with Microsoft Intune read the below TechNet article

Manage access to email and SharePoint with Microsoft Intune


One more excellent Blog post below

Conditional Access for Exchange Online using Microsoft Intune


Before you can enroll mobile devices with Intune, you must declare Intune as your mobile device management authority. A mobile device management authority defines the single management service with permission to manage a set of devices. Solutions for the mobile device management authority include Intune, Configuration Manager with Intune, or Office 365 MDM solutions.

More information is available in the below TechNet article

Set mobile device management authority as Microsoft Intune


Once you set the Mobile Management device authority it cannot be changed and if you already enabled MDM for Office 365 then you need to Contact Microsoft support to reset this to set Intune as the new Mobile Device Management Authority and the same applies to Configuration Manager with Intune.

As a result of this switch you need to remove all the devices from the current MDM authority and post the reset you need to re-enroll them, which is quite painful.

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